A Lego enthusiast has re-created models of some of our most treasured local buildings in plastic bricks.

Chris Dance, of Lindley, has combined his passion for Lego with his love of local architecture to create models of key local icons including the George Hotel, Huddersfield Railway Station, Lindley Clock Tower and Lindley House.

There’s even a Lego mini-figure depicting the statue of Harold Wilson!

The models are now in the process of being purchased by Lindley Community Group and will be displayed at Lindley Library, with the proceeds going to the charities, RSPCA and Forget Me Not.

Dad-of-two Chris said: “I loved Lego as a kid. My first set was a fire station when I was three! I still have parts of it now, half a century later.

“I entered the ‘dark ages’ – which is Lego fan speak for stopped building – when I went to grammar school and only started again when my son became interested.”

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Acting on his love of Huddersfield architecture, he was involved in setting up a photographic exhibition several years with his interpretation of the town. However, he wanted to see the town in a different way.

“I thought ‘why not Lego?’” he said: “I buy most of my bricks online and I look at photographs of the buildings to produce the designs. They often have to be pulled down and I start again if I’m not happy.”

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Commenting on his work being displayed at Lindley Library, he said: “I’m so chuffed people like the models and the thought of them being viewed by the wider public is thrilling.”

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Lindley councillor Cahal Burke, who is chairman at Lindley Community Group, said: “I hope this can inspire other people to be creative as well. It can encourage people to create and build things in a way which involves using their imagination.

“I think it’s also great that these Lego models celebrate some of our key icons and landmarks. There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Lindley and Huddersfield and elsewhere in Kirklees. We have a rich history and I think we should be proud of our local heritage.”

Lindley Clock Tower in Lego

His colleague, Lindley ward councillor Anthony Smith, secretary at Lindley Community Group, said: “The models are fantastic and it must have been painstaking work to create them. We have arranged for a suitable display at Lindley Library and it’s great that they will be on display and local people will be able to see them.

“We would like to thank Chris for his work and for allowing Lindley Community Group to purchase them. The money will be donated by Chris to charity, so this is a great story for all concerned.”

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