Teenage boxer Adam Morris won a silver medal at the GB Tri Nations Boxing Championship, only losing in the final to Eddie Doherty.

Adam’s dad Paul said he was proud of his son, who is just 16. He said: “Adam fought the Welsh champion for his weight category of 42kg.

“He boxed beautifully in that fight and did everything right. We were so impressed with him afterwards. He then went on to face Eddie who had beaten the Scottish champion in the semi-final.

“Adam had boxed him previously and lost, Eddie is a good fighter. Adam fought OK this time around and it was a lot closer but Eddie still came put on top.

“Adam was disappointed after the fight but we told him how proud he should be. He’d done his country proud, our club proud and our family proud.” 

Adam boxes out of Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club in Milnsbridge, which is led by Mark Reynolds. The experienced coach believes Adam’s potential is through the roof and says his dedication to being successful in the sport is second to none.

Mark said: “I was very proud of Adam as we all are, he’s a terrific boxer. His skill is unbelievable and he has natural talent in abundance. His attitude to the sport is superb. Adam is a proper student of the game, he watches all the fights and studies them.” 

Now the Tri Nations is done Adam will have a break before attending the England Boxing camp at the end of the summer.

Mark said: “Adam is going to have a rest now and recuperate not just physically but mentally. He’s had a tough season. It can be draining and while he wants to just crack on, because that’s how dedicated he is, he needs to learn how important rest is too.

“He’ll be keeping up with his training to keep fit and he’ll still be helping out at the club but the intensity won’t be there. That will come when we start to build up to next season.”