Adam Morris will be fighting for Huddersfield pride on Mother’s Day as he has boxed his way to the Amateur Junior Boxing National Championships final where he will take on Eddy Doherty in London. 

This is a competition that Adam’s hero Kel Brook has won before and Adam’s dream is to make it to the top just like his fellow Yorkshireman. 

Adam, 15, fights out of the Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club in Milnsbridge, run by Mark Reynolds. Adam’s dad Paul is also the chairman of the club. 

The young boxer was once destined for a career in football having played at the Manchester United youth academy at age 11. However after being released Adam concentrated on his fledgling boxing career. 

To get to the final he had to beat Luke Dunn in Sunderland. Over three two-minute rounds Adam demolished his opponent to secure his spot in the showpiece event down south. 

Adam’s dad Paul said about the final and Adam’s victory up in the North East: “We as a family are so proud of Adam. My daughter made it to the national final and we were proud of her when she got there even though she lost the bout. We are hoping Adam can go one step further and beat his opponent. 

Adam Morris looking to make Huddersfield proud

“He boxed very well up in Sunderland, the first round couldn’t have gone any better. He kept his fighting style long and didn’t get into any scraps. Even though he’d beaten Luke Dunn before it had got a bit scrappy and so we told Adam to stay out of that this time which he did. 

“Although Luke came back in the second round and tried to make up for the first round, by the end of the third round Adam had won by having good footwork and boxing with an overall mature attitude and good display.”

Paul is excited to take Adam down to London and to the final but knows it will be a tough test against a good boxer. 

Paul said: “Adam and Eddy will be coming in at similar if not the exact same weight and so I think that will make this a close tie. Adam’s opponent has made a bit of a name for himself down south and so he’s going to be a very tough opponent, but whatever happens we are all proud of him.

Adam with boxing hero Kel Brook

“Adam is now on a high. He doesn’t get fazed by any opponent. In fact we probably get fazed more on the side of the ring. He is in great physical shape and is at the exact weight he needs to be.” 

Adam’s other family members will be able to watch the bout live on YouTube and will be cheering him on from home.

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Paul said: “The rest of the family can’t wait to watch him and like I say we just want the best for him. He’s already done us proud, but I know Adam is determined to win this fight and then continue his journey to try and make it to the top.”

Travelling down to London with Adam and Paul are Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club coaches Mark and Terry. 

On Adam getting to the final, Mark said: “Adam is a fantastic boxer but an even more fantastic human being. He has done me, his family and the club proud. Whatever happens in London he can look back and give himself a pat on the back. 

“It will be tough because the lad he’s facing has won this title before and so Adam we’ll need to fight well to beat him. We are all confident in Adam though and know how hard he’s worked to get to this point.”