Boxer Fes ‘The Terrier’ Batista has announced plans for five fights in the United States this year – the first on St George’s Day, April 23.

The Huddersfield fighter, a loyal Town fan, has been training in Mexico and Florida but is currently back home seeing family and friends.

The powerful puncher is delighted his new promoters One One Six Boxing Promotions, run by Brandi McCain, have helped him organise the fights along with his coach, the legendary Roy Jones Jnr. 

Fes said: “I can’t wait now to get back out there. My plane tickets are booked and I’m ready to get working hard for these five fights. I’d like to thank Brandi and her team for helping me in my career. I’ve met Brandi a few times and she is a very inspirational woman.” 

Fes is pumped and ready to fly the flag for his country on St George’s Day, though his opponent is yet to be confirmed.

“I will be representing England on the day and doing the best for my country that I love and the town I love which is Huddersfield,” said Fes.

Fes Batista

On the same day Fes is fighting in Gadsden, Alabama, another fight will be taking place at Wembley Stadium as Tyson Fury takes on Dillian Whyte. 

On Fury, Fes said: “Tyson is an amazing boxer and one who I have huge respect for. He has come to America and beaten the best here, he’s done British boxing proud and hopefully I can do the same.” 

Fes is determined to make the US public sit up and take notice and remember the name Huddersfield. 

He said: “Huddersfield is my town and I want people in America to know about the place. I want to put Huddersfield on the global map and now I have these five fights I can do that.” 

After fighting in Alabama, Fes will then move on to Memphis, Tennesse, where he says he’ll have something special to walk out to before he gets in the ring.

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He said: “As long as everything goes to plan in Alabama I’ll be having my next fight in Memphis which is just three weeks later. It’ll be tough to have two quick fights but Roy believes in me and that’s what I want. I will have to have something special music wise to walk out to as that is where Elvis Presley lived.

“After that we then come back to Alabama in July for a third fight. The fourth and fifth fights take place around October time.” 

Fes believes it’s destiny that the second part of his career has just started at the same time as Town’s second push for promotion to the Premier League.

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“I stalled in my career and now I know this is a big year for me,” he said. “I know a lot of people have been frustrated that I haven’t fought and I’ve been frustrated too, so I want to show people what I can do.

“I am ready for my 2.0 career and I feel Town have gone on a similar journey. We got promoted to the Premier League then got relegated. The club reset and now we are going for promotion again. I feel my second rise is special since it is happening at the same time as Town’s.

“My dream is to fight one day at the John Smith’s Stadium and I’m determined to make that happen. Hopefully the start to that will be winning all these fights which would make it 7-0 in wins.” 

Graphic provided by James Moran