A new travel scheme on West Yorkshire’s buses is breaking down barriers to using public transport for those living with hidden disabilities.

The Orange Wallet Travel Card gives people with communication difficulties or disabilities a subtle way of letting bus drivers know that they may need extra time or help.

The brightly-coloured wallets also have space for an additional travel assistance card, which can help specify to a driver what extra help the passenger may need.

Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin said: “Here in West Yorkshire, public transport is for everyone. We want to break down the barriers that lead some people to feel they are unable to use buses through no fault of their own.

“And we’re sending a message that says anyone who doesn’t currently use West Yorkshire’s buses is welcome, no matter what challenges they face.”

The most common non-visible disabilities include mental health conditions; ADHD; autism spectrum disorder; visual impairments; hearing loss and cognitive impairments such as dementia.  

West Yorkshire’s inclusivity champion Fatima Khan-Shah said: “The Orange Wallets are a great idea, and will help us build a better-connected and more inclusive West Yorkshire.

“There are thousands in our region having to fight unseen battles every single day – this is our chance to say: ‘We are on your side.’”

Both orange wallets and travel assistance cards are available from bus station travel centres across West Yorkshire. Travel assistance cards can also be printed off via the following link: https://www.wymetro.com/plan-a-journey/accessible-travel/orange-wallets-travel-assistance-cards/