Lindley Community Group has launched a crowdfunder to help pay for the Lindley weekend of community events this year.

The ‘Big Weekend’ is a series of annual summer community events in Lindley, which includes the Lindley Carnival and Lindley 10k race as well as the Lindley Street Party.

However, the event organisers, Lindley Community Group, are asking sponsors and supporters to come forward to help meet the £10,000 target, which would ensure that the events can go ahead.

If it goes ahead this year, the award-winning community weekend will take place between Friday June 28 and Sunday June 30.

Unfortunately, the events are unlikely to go ahead if Lindley Community Group don’t meet their target by Friday May 31.

The weekend includes the Lindley Steet Party, which takes place on Friday evening in Lidget Street. It’s an evening of stalls, street food, shopping and entertainment. Last year, there was live music from local rock band Alex Spy.

Lindley Carnival takes place on Saturday afternoon at Fern Lea Recreation Ground. The carnival is a free family event which includes a range of activities and entertainment, including street food and other stalls, funfair activities and live music. Last year, the carnival featured mountain bike stunt legend, Jez Avery.

The Lindley 10k race takes place on Sunday and is a 10-kilometre race for participants aged 15 and over. There is also a race for younger participants on the same day.

Money raised at the Lindley weekend of community events helps support two charities – the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Charity and the Huddersfield branch of the Royal Air Force Association.


Clr Cahal Burke, who is also chairperson at Lindley Community Group, said: “Unfortunately, the Lindley weekend of community events is at risk because of a loss of council funding.

“In previous years, the events were funded by a council grant, as well as sponsorship, race fees and charitable gifts.

“However, Kirklees Council has had to reduce its grant, which normally makes up the bulk of the cost of the weekend, which is in excess of £25k.

“The events are free to attend. We only charge a small fee for participants to compete in the Lindley 10k race and Junior Run.

“As a result, we are reliant on funding from other sources. However, there are significant costs and resources required in organising these events and the money used to pay for the performers, equipment, security, sound and stage, traffic management and many other expenses.

“Lindley Community Group has worked hard to find ways to explore funding for the events, including external grant funding.

“Unfortunately, we have come to the stage where we are seeking donations from members of the public and sponsorship from businesses to ensure that the events can go ahead this year.”



His ward colleague, Clr Anthony Smith, who is secretary at Lindley Community Group, said: “It would be devastating if the community events do not go ahead this year.

“Last year, we celebrated 10 years of the Lindley 10k race and 15 years of the Lindley Carnival. We have organised the events every year, with the exception of one year, where we had to cancel it because of Covid-19 restrictions.

“Over the years, we have seen the Lindley Community Weekend grow and the events are always hugely popular and well attended. They are run by the local community and for the community. The events are family-friendly but offer something for people of all ages.

“The events also support our fantastic small local businesses, by giving them a space to sell and showcase their goods.

“It creates a boost to the local economy at a time when small independent businesses need our support. There are a huge number of local people who are involved in the events, in some capacity, so it would be a massive boost to everyone if the community weekend goes ahead.

“Organising the events is a huge task and it requires a lot of organising and resources, but we have a team of committed volunteers who always step up.

“The loss of funding from the council and the massive increase in costs of organising the events, including equipment costs, mean that there is huge pressure on Lindley Community Group to run these community events this year.

“However, any donations towards the £10k we hope to raise would help make sure that the events can go ahead.”

The Crowdfunder can be found online at:


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