Huddersfield Business School has recently appointed a new chair to its internal Advisory Board, Helen Curtis.

Founder of Coterie Marketing, Helen will work closely with the Dean of Huddersfield Business School to support the board to provide appropriate support for its stakeholders.  

The aim of the school’s Advisory Board is to strengthen the school’s links with industry and professions to provide input into the academic and strategic direction of Huddersfield Business School.

The Advisory Board members play a crucial role in supporting and guiding the school with industry recommendations, curriculum development, research and general advice about directions and trends from their industry.

Helen is a 1996 alumnus of the business school with a BA (Hons) in Marketing and has an innate passion and enthusiasm for the university, making her the perfect candidate to take on the role of chair.

In this role, Helen also supports the school’s Help to Grow programme with her invaluable industry knowledge. She said: “The expertise I have brought to the Help to Grow programme is around Value Proposition Development.

“I’ve worked with the last two cohorts, and our format for Value Propositions is an excellent opportunity for businesses to pause and step into their customers’ shoes.

“I help the businesses articulate their value in a customer-centric way, which is hard when you’re very close to your business. The Value Proposition module gets the businesses to identify their key differentiators – I like to call them their ‘golden nuggets’ that help them set their businesses apart.

“I also try to get all the businesses in the cohort to help challenge each other. All the businesses walk away with much greater clarity around their messaging and how they can go and implement that across different digital and traditional channels.”

Nicola Stenberg, director of executive education at Huddersfield Business School, said: “We’re delighted to bring Helen on to the team to head up our Advisory Board.

“She’ll play a vital role in supporting the rest of the board in driving actions forward and will be a catalyst for helping the team and, therefore, the school develop. 

“We’re also excited that Helen will continue to support our Help to Grow programme. Being a leader in her field, having Helen drive the Value Proposition Development module, which has been instrumental in giving our cohorts a real-world view of how their new learnings can be implemented into their business model.”

Helen added: “I’m delighted to have been asked to be chair of the Advisory Board. It’s a great opportunity for me to not only give back as a result of the benefit I’ve had from Huddersfield Business School but to bring in both my marketing and industry expertise to help continue the good work the previous chair had been doing.” 

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