Councillors are hoping to divert young people away from anti-social behaviour after repeated vandalism to a footbridge in Fenay Bridge.

Almondbury Liberal Democrat councillors Paola Davies and Alison Munro say a “spate of vandalism” has led to damage at a footbridge that spans Fenay Beck.

Kirklees Council repaired the damage but more vandalism has taken place and the councillors say it was caused by young people.

In a statement the councillors said: “There has been a recent spate of vandalism in our area. The footbridge that spans Fenay Beck in Fenay Bridge was vandalised last year.

“Subsequent repairs were made but more damage was caused; we understand by young people, so the council put in measures to stop people crossing it. Now the council’s efforts in securing the bridge appear to have been deliberately damaged.”

Clr Davies said: “During the last two years we have been putting in place measures to try to divert young people away from anti-social behaviour in the area via the Youth Partnership and engage them in other activities such as sport and recreation.

“In the meantime, I was disappointed to note further damage at the bridge as there is a cost of repair to the council every time. This kind of wilful damage needs to be stopped.”

Clr Munro added: “While it is good to note that some anti-social behaviour in certain pockets of our area has been curtailed, in other areas we have seen an increase, so there is still a long way to go.

“Through the Youth Partnership a survey was conducted of young people to discover what kind of activities they would like. The feedback received has helped inform the type of activity young people prefer.

“I therefore hope activities we have in place during school holidays and plans for youth engagement in the future will all help to reduce this kind of reckless behaviour.”