Into the Spotlight, sponsored by Huddersfield-based Scriba PR, is a weekly business feature which highlights lesser-known organisations that generally go under the radar. Here, we introduce Heritage Exchange – the refurbished textile mill now offering services in business, leisure, and residency.

Originally constructed as Wellington Mills in 1864, Heritage Exchange’s Lindley site was once a flourishing Victorian mill in the suburbs of the UK’s textile capital.

Now home to in excess of 30 offices, a spa, health club, coffee house, as well as luxury studio apartments for over 50 residents and overnight accommodation suites, the complex has certainly moved with the times.

But what’s really special about the property is the homage it pays to its original architecture. Purchased by Heritage Lofts in 2003, renovations began a year later to breathe life into the flagship site just outside of Huddersfield, with developers sympathetically utilising existing stonework, oversized arched windows, and steel roof trusses to maintain some of the structure’s ancestry and integrate past, present and future, where possible, ready for launch in 2006.

Local estate management services, Viewstone Ltd, oversaw the completion of Heritage Exchange from 2012, right through to the completed development as we see it today – a buzzing community where residents and neighbouring organisations can network, with a friendly reception area acting as a central meeting hub for all. 

Heading up the Lindley complex – as well as the second gradually-refurbished mill in up-and-coming Calderdale suburb, Elland – are sisters Danielle Cottrell and Krystina Firth, who joined the now seven-strong management team in 2007 and 2013, respectively.

Although the pair are open about the struggles of the role – including the pressure of recovery after Covid-19 and the responsibility of maintaining happiness amongst so many tenants – they are keen to boast about the benefits of managing the Heritage Exchange.

Heritage Exchange

“It’s amazing to work together – we have such a natural sisterly bond that we just get along so easily,” says Krystina. “And no day is ever the same – because we have the business centre, as well as the suites and services, there’s always a variety of tasks to be tackling. But the best thing, for me, is the interior designing. We’re always moving offices around for tenants and doing some sort of decorating – we love being creative!”

Like many businesses, Heritage has certainly felt the pressures of post-pandemic company recovery, especially with the birth of Krystina’s twins falling in April of last year, leaving sister Danielle to manage the two sites without her.

“I was worried about how Heritage would cope, especially without Krystina and because of the drastic changes in the working world, but we’ve actually been really lucky. The resilience of the tenants has been wonderful to see,” said Danielle.

Offering the services of a 4-star hotel, but with all the facilities expected from a serviced apartment, Heritage’s suites are the ideal offering for local organisations running long-term projects with clients from further afield.

It’s clear that the complex’s wealth of facilities is what sets it apart from the rest of the market, so much so that Heritage is even hoping to upscale in the near future.

Blending modern with the past

Danielle added: “Our owner, Jim Moore, is always looking at local properties. We have so much experience in giving a new lease of life to listed buildings and bringing nuance to local communities, so it would be great to find our next project.

“We’d love to leverage the variety that we see and create more defined areas of business. Since we opened, we’ve realised that it’s not just ‘suits and corporates’ anymore – there’s definitely some scope for a wellness development. It would be great to explore that. We will see.”

Whilst the hunt for the perfect expansion location continues, Danielle and Krystina can be found at their flagship site at 64 Plover Road, Lindley, or at their secondary premises on South Lane in Elland.

For more info visit, or call 01484 489 320 for enquiries.