Holdson Ltd, a Skelmanthorpe-based electrochemical polishing machine tool supplier, has announced its launch as a new player in the precision manufacturing market.  

Established in 2023 by a team of experienced engineers, Holdson announced its launch last week. With over a decade of experience in the industry, founders Aaron Holt and Neil Dickinson created Holdson with a vision to transform surface finishing processes with electrochemical polishing.   

The local engineering business has created an innovative new product offer in the form of their Electroform machine, which aims to transform post-processing within the additive manufacturing industry. Their revolutionary technology provides a cost-effective and sustainable way to polish and finish metal surfaces to a high level of precision. 

Electroform uses an electrochemical process to remove imperfections and contaminants from metal surfaces, resulting in a smoother, more uniform finish for metal components.

This technology has applications in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to medical and nuclear, where precision and performance are paramount.  

The Electroform machines have even been proven to increase biocompatibility for medical implants and instruments, helping those within the medical manufacturing industry to ensure that the surfaces of these metal devices are free from imperfections and contaminants that could cause harm or infection to patients. 

With Electroform, Holdson aims to revolutionise the precision manufacturing industry and offer customers a faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way to achieve high-quality metal finishing.

Aaron Holt, CEO of Holdson, said: “Celebrating our launch is an incredibly exciting moment for us at Holdson. We’re proud to bring our innovative Electroform technology to the market and provide our customers with an advanced solution for their electropolishing needs.” 

Neil Dickinson, chief technology officer of Holdson, said: “At Holdson, we’re always looking ahead to the future and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our Electroform technology.

“Our focus on innovation and sustainability has allowed us to develop a truly unique offering that sets us apart from the competition. We’re excited to continue expanding our product line and serving a diverse range of industries with the highest quality electropolishing solutions.”

After already securing eight-figure commitments from investors and establishing partnerships with leading companies within the metrology and engineering sectors, Holdson’s Electroform technology is set to revolutionise the additive manufacturing industry. 

Chantelle Brandon Reeves, senior innovation and growth specialist at Innovate UK EDGE, said: “Innovate UK EDGE are proud to be supporting Holdson on its growth journey.

“The innovative business is poised for rapid growth in the coming years. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this company, and are positive that Holdson’s revolutionary product offer can make a significant impact on the medical, aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors.”  

To learn more about Holdson, please visit: https://holdson.co.uk/