Bridal entrepreneur Shannon Martin admitted fame wasn’t for her after she made a shock exit from TV’s The Apprentice.

Shannon, 35, of Shepley, first applied to go on the show in 2014 but didn’t get past the interview stage.

She told Huddersfield Hub a year ago that she had “unfinished business” with the show, describing Lord Sugar as her business idol.

But the reality of appearing on reality TV left mum-of-two Shannon missing her family, her home and her business, Dotty Bridal and Off The Peg bridal shops in Holmfirth.

“I’m not a TV star, I’m not a TV personality and I was a bit naive,” said Shannon. “I felt I couldn’t focus on the tasks because I was thinking about what was happening at home and with the business.

“The more I thought about it, the more I thought: ‘Am I here for the right reasons? Do I want a business partner? Do I want my life to change? It made me realise I love my life.”

Shannon Martin at the moment she announced her exit from the show. Image: BBC

Shannon was one of 18 candidates on the latest series of the BBC1 show but she shocked viewers – and Lord Sugar – by quitting on the second week.

As the two teams gathered in the boardroom to dissect the second task – making and selling bao buns – Shannon spoke up and told Lord Sugar she was effectively firing HIM!

Shannon had already cringed at herself on TV when she boasted at already having a million pound business.

Her business plan was to take Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment and launch her own range of wedding dresses.

But she’s already done that designing her own range named Nori Ivy after her daughter with the dresses being manufactured in Wales.

Shannon said: “I thought I’d needed Lord Sugar’s help with the manufacturing but I’ve found a designer and manufacturer in the UK which is what I wanted to do.

“The show has given me the confidence that I can do this on my own. I realised I didn’t need a business partner.”

Dotty Bridal in Holmfirth

In the first episode of the series Lord Sugar flew all the apprentices to Antigua for the first task. They spent four days on the Caribbean island and Shannon said: “It was amazing.

“I told the producers before the show started that I was scared of flying but I didn’t expect we’d be flying anywhere.

“I didn’t even know where Antigua was – but at least I’m not scared of flying anymore!”