By Andy Hirst

An innovative care company – the first of its kind in the UK – has been set up in the Colne Valley and now needs more staff, volunteers and clients.

Co-operative Care Colne Valley is a non-profit service based in Slaithwaite run by a board of directors.

It was set up in March 2021 and now has around 20 clients aged over 18 including the elderly, people with dementia and disabled. Its ethos is not just to provide care but to enhance people’s quality of life.

It provides all the usual care services such as personal care, cleaning and cooking but also wants to improve people’s sense of wellbeing so links in with community-based organisations ranging from luncheon clubs and armchair yoga to memory clinics and craft-making.

Volunteers can also call people up for a friendly chat, take them shopping or on days out.

Co-operative Care Colne Valley (CCCV) manager Danielle Bolchover said: “Our model of working as a co-operative non-profit care organisation is the first we know of in the country and many councils and other organisations are now looking at how we work with a view to setting something similar up in their areas.

“We have a team of 10 carers and they are amazing, going above and beyond to improve the quality of life for our user members. Because we are so local we are part of the community so people know we’ll always be there for them and the same carer usually goes to the same client. It’s so important to build up relationships like this for high quality personalised care.”

The company covers Slaithwaite, Golcar, Marsden, Linthwaite, Longwood, Milnsbridge, Cowlersley and Meltham.

Danielle added: “We look at each person we help holistically, not just their physical needs and care, but anything which may enhance the quality of their lives. On the day of the Jubilee this summer one of the care team members, who used to be a chef, made plates up of sandwiches and cakes and delivered them to a lot of the people we support, just to include them in the special day.”

One elderly client, 91-year-old Jim Slater, was a former train driver so a volunteer took him to the National Railway Museum in York as he’d always wanted to go there.

He enjoyed it so much he made plans for a trip on the Worth Valley Railway and was starting to attend concerts at Huddersfield Town Hall with more planned.

Sadly, he died recently before he could go on the Worth Valley Railway but the volunteer said: “I’m pleased to know he died while still looking forward to things, still living his life largely as he wanted.”

Another carer knew his client, John Strickson, loved snooker so managed to get a signed photo of snooker star Mark Williams.

CCCV board member Stephanie Bradley said: “It’s the little things that matter and this goes to show how important it is to get to know the people we are supporting, by talking and listening to them and sharing stories and memories.”

When people contact CCCV for help, as part of the initial assessment the company can look at any benefits they may be entitled to receive but have never applied for before such as direct payments or attendance allowance. These can help to cover the cost which is only around £25 an hour.

The company works closely with the client’s family to ensure the care plan they draw up meets all the person’s needs – physical, mental, social and emotional.

“We focus on their goals and aspirations and then try to meet them,” said Danielle. “If you know a relative who needs the kind of care service we provide then please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help.”

To find out more about Co-operative Care Colne Valley call 01484 970837 or email

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