Staff at truck dealership Mac’s Truck Sales raised almost £600 for a charity that faced the threat of closure.

Workers at the Lindley Moor-based family-run firm undertook a host of fundraising activities – including selling homemade slow cooker lunches – to raise money for Aspire Creating Communities.

Mac’s Trucks has charity embedded into its very ethos, with all staff encouraged to bring forward new ideas for raising money, and for local charities to support.

Aspire is a charity dedicated to helping lonely, isolated and elderly people across Huddersfield. Formed in 2015 at St John’s Church in Birkby, groups aged over 55 meet to foster a sense of community and belonging while doing fun activities.

The charity expanded to set up more weekly groups in Crosland Moor, Newsome, Dalton, Almondbury and Ashbrow.

Susanna Shotter, CEO of Aspire, said: “I am delighted that Mac’s Trucks have chosen to support Aspire this year.

“Every pound and penny raised goes towards Aspire building safe and welcoming communities across Huddersfield for anyone over 55 to find a place of belonging. We are really excited to partner with Mac’s Trucks – thank you so much for raising nearly £600 for us!”

Huddersfield Hub revealed in November last year that the charity had run out of funding and needed £20,000 quickly or would have to close on New Year’s Eve. Laura McFarland, HR manager at Mac’s, heard about the charity’s plight and wanted to help.

A local trustee of the Cotton Industry War Memorial Trust, which helps communities where there has been a cotton industry, read Huddersfield Hub’s story and recommended Aspire applied for a community grant. Shortly after this Aspire was awarded £9,000.

Aspire also made successful applications for £10,000 from the West Yorkshire Mayor’s Warm Spaces Fund and another £10,000 from the National Lottery Awards for All scheme.

Fundraising and other donations have brought in a further £10,000 so Aspire’s immediate future was assured.