Almondbury Spartans Rugby League Club was set up by Craig Morgan in 2018 and he wants to thank all the volunteers who have helped the club get where it is today. Here’s a Who’s Who of staff and volunteers behind the scenes.   

The coaching staff

Marcus St Hilaire came to the club in the 2021 season and coached alongside Craig, Kian Morgan, Winston Dayes, Jordan Page, Tim Jones and Fred Francis. Marcus made a massive impact and led the side to the Division 2 title through this season’s play-off game. He is a great asset to the club and loved by all the players. 

Meanwhile Kian and Jordan have both played and coached at the Spartans helping the club to succeed. Whilst they both play at semi-pro level for Oldham they are still heavily involved behind the scenes at Almondbury. 

Also part of the coaching staff is Fred Francis who is a well respected former player, he joined the Spartans in 2018. Fred is Craig’s right hand man and will do anything to help the club out on match days.

Last but not least, both Tim and Winston are assistant coaches and have played an important part for the club too.

Almondbury Coaching Staff

First aiders and general support 

Craig would like to say a big thank you to Marie Mulvey, Mariella Fisher, Simon Thornton and Pennie Smith. They have all helped the club in their own ways and are all fantastic people.

Another key member of the team is Helen Riley. The club’s TLM touchline manager, she has been involved in the game for over 20 years and has many contacts that the club can use.  

Jason Southwell is the president of the club. Jason has been with Almondbury from the start and has played in every season to date. He has been an instrumental part of the club and the success it has had. 

Also thanks must go to Susan Newton, Debbie Creaser, Fran and Martin who have all done different jobs within the club. Two huge mentions must also go to Jamie Dutton of Honeycombe and Berto Ray from maid2clean. These guys have been massive sponsors for the Spartans.

Almondbury volunteers

The Sponsors 

Finally, Craig wanted to thank all those involved in the club by saying: “We at Almondbury are a big family, we all love the club and this is what I am trying to create behind the scenes, a sense of community and spirit.

“There are lots of volunteers who do vital roles at the club and without their help we couldn’t run the club in the way we do. 

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the club and to those that might have since left but played a vital part in setting up the club. Thank you.”