Dixons ice cream man Gary Redfearn has served his last cornet in Beaumont Park, Kirklees Council has confirmed.

The local authority has finally published a statement explaining its position over a tender for the sale of ice cream in the park.

Gary, 59, who sells Dixons Milk Ices from a van in the park, lost the tender to a firm from Bradford.

There was some uncertainty about whether last weekend was Gary’s final session in the park and now Kirklees Council has confirmed the tender will go elsewhere.

More than 7,000 people had signed a petition calling for a council re-think.

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A council spokesman said: “Beaumont Park is charitable land and is in the trust of Kirklees Council. The council manages the tender process on behalf of the charity and proceeds made through the ice cream sales licences are reinvested in the maintenance of the park.

“All public sector organisations, and charities, are required to follow strict legal procurement rules. These rules are there to ensure best value for the public and charity beneficiaries. A public body cannot bend these rules for any reason, including petitions or lobbying.

“In this instance, the trustees to the charity are obliged to do what is in the best financial interest of the charity.

“The new vendor at the park has submitted the strongest bid and this has to be respected. This money will be reinvested into the park.

“The council would like to thank Mr Redfearn for his years of service in the park, and remains committed to local businesses and will do all it can to support Dixons trade elsewhere in Kirklees.”