Kathleen Dyson was Honley’s oldest resident when she died aged 98 three years ago and loved to collect historical items throughout her long lifetime.

Her son Jonathan and his wife, Beverley, inherited her collection and are fascinated by what Kathleen had amassed over the years but are puzzled by this brooch and its initials.

Now they have asked if Huddersfield Hub readers can help solve the mystery.

The brooch is engraved with the initials H&D HCS and was made by well-known Italian jewellers Fattorini who first set up in Harrogate in 1831 and still have a jewellers shop in the town. It’s stamped with number 63 on the back so perhaps it was number 63 of a limited edition.

The design features what looks like a branch, a goblet, a column, a wheel and possibly some coins.



Kathleen said: “I’ve searched on the internet but I’ve not been able to solve the mystery. The H&D could mean Huddersfield and District but if that’s the case what does HCS stand for?”

Kathleen lived in Honley all her life and was an expert on its history. She was born at Lower Fold and lived at Berry Croft, Southgate and Marsh Gardens.

She was so keen to preserve its past that when she died her family found her old order books for former Honley greengrocers Drakes which used to be in the premises where Honley Co-op is now.

They also discovered an old silver tennis cup which was last awarded by Honley Wesleyan Tennis Club in 1947.

Jonathan said: “It turns out that a lot of churches used to have tennis clubs attached to them.”

If anyone can help with information please email Jonathan at jonathandyson1959@gmail.com

Written by ANDY HIRST who runs his own Yorkshire freelance journalism agency AH! PR (https://ah-pr.com/) specialising in press releases, blogging, website content and copywriting.