Author Helena Craggs has fulfilled a promise she made to her dying sister – to publish her debut fantasy novel.

Helena, who lives in Hade Edge with her husband and son, is an avid writer who has many unpublished books.

But when she told her sister Barbara about her latest idea for ‘The Younglings’ Barbara made her promise to have it published.

Sadly, Barbara died just before Christmas 2017 but Helena went on the complete the work and it’s just been published. Helena launched it with a book signing event at the Boshaw Trout in Hade Edge.

‘The Younglings: Shadows & Magic’ is a book about demons, angels, witches, ghosts and more, all wrapped up in teen angst and unwitting heroes.

Quinn is an adorable goof-ball, who is catapulted into a world he has no desire to be in, yet he grabs it by the horns (pun intended) as he does his best to guide his ever-increasing and ever-diverse team of supernatural companions through life’s adventures.

Helena said: “My sister Barbara (pictured above) was like a second mum to me. A gifted artist and a wonderful support, she encouraged me my whole life to write.

“I started telling and writing stories when I was a small girl, when my nephews were little boys. The stories were wild and wacky, and they loved them.

“Barbara moved abroad when I was a young girl, and only came back into my life full-time in 2003. Our bond was never broken, even though we were miles apart.

“When she became ill, I talked to her about my idea for a book—The Younglings—and she demanded – yep, she was quite bossy – that I publish it!

“I have many unpublished books, and because of this, I kept my promise to her. She passed away just before Christmas 2017.

“She has left a large whole in our hearts but I believe she is still supporting me on my author journey even now.”

‘The Younglings: Shadows & Magic’ is available on Amazon, from Waterstones and all good book shops.