A team of creative students from Huddersfield New College has achieved national recognition for their creative and impactful art project.

Competing in the Young Enterprise UK team competition, the students designed a unique colouring book that addresses pressing social issues including health, disability and racism. Their innovative approach earned them second place in the national finals.

The Huddersfield team’s colouring book is designed for early-stage learning, encouraging young children to engage with important social issues through art, and reducing screen time on iPads and other devices.

Their project has not only earned them national recognition but also sparked meaningful partnerships.

They are collaborating with a local cancer charity to create specialised colouring pages for children living with cancer, providing therapeutic and engaging activities during their treatment.

Additionally, the team plans to translate the colouring book into multiple languages to extend its impact globally.

Participation in the Young Enterprise UK programme has been instrumental in developing the students’ entrepreneurial skills, creativity and sense of social responsibility.

The programme, a not-for-profit initiative, empowers young people to explore and realise their potential through practical and engaging business projects.

Mike Hall, of Huddersfield’s MJH ArtStudio, who is the business advisor for the students, expressed immense pride and said: “The students came up with the ideas and executed the work beautifully. My role was to guide them and keep them accountable.

“It was a fantastic team effort and I couldn’t be prouder. They have practised and worked so hard on their company Colourful Adventures.

“And they have learned so much about teamwork, creativity, and the power of social entrepreneurship.”

The project not only highlights the talents and dedication of these young individuals but also underscores the importance of education programmes that promote social awareness and community engagement.

Matthew Kuszyk, a business teacher at Huddersfield New College and key to the Young Enterprise team’s success, said: “It has been a real privilege working with this amazing team over the last academic year.

“They have created a fantastic product with a real legacy, learning invaluable employability skills alongside their academic studies.”

As they continue to work closely with the cancer charity, the students are eager to see their colouring book make a positive difference in the lives of young children facing challenging circumstances.