Youngsters at a Slaithwaite primary school have been hailed as ‘green entrepreneurs.’

Nields Junior, Infant and Nursery School emerged victorious as the regional winner in the Primary Awards for Green Education in Schools (PAGES) 2024.

The school’s trailblazing project ‘Nields Garden – Fundraising’ impressed the judges in the ‘Green Entrepreneurs’ category.

The PAGES competition, a flagship initiative by the Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE), continues to inspire environmental education, with 35,000 children participating in this year’s event.

Amidst fierce competition, Nields’ young eco-champions have demonstrated that young people have the power to make a positive impact on the planet’s future.

The school’s visionary approach to environmental stewardship has transformed their Nields Garden into a model of self-sufficiency.

These budding entrepreneurs have harnessed the power of nature, growing potatoes and rhubarb that have not only fed the school community but have also found their way to the shelves of a local greengrocer.

And their green-fingered prowess didn’t stop there. The children crafted stunning potted plants for Mothers’ Day, turning their horticultural skills into a fundraising triumph.

Their eco-endeavours also extend far beyond the garden with their efforts at recycling plastic raising an impressive £320 in the last year alone.

With an astonishing 260kg of plastic bottle tops collected, the school has become a shining example of how small actions can make a big impact.

And in a stroke of genius, compost caddies are now available in every classroom, ensuring that not a single scrap of food waste is binned, instead nourishing the soil that will give rise to even more lush greenery in the Nields Garden.

In recognition of their efforts, Nields Junior, Infant and Nursery School will be awarded £500 to further fuel their green initiatives and inspire future generations of environmental trailblazers.

YPTE’s director Peter Littlewood said the school’s recognition was well-deserved and added: “It is fabulous to see how many green initiatives the children of Nields are involved in.

“They are really showing how growing and recycling can make considerable amounts of money, which can then be ploughed back into maintaining their lovely garden.”