Why I Work In… is a regular feature, kindly sponsored by Stafflex, where we ask people about their jobs and the industry they work in. This time it’s SAM WYMER, Sales and Marketing Director of The Body Doctor in Clayton West.

Tell us a little bit about The Body Doctor.

The Body Doctor is a healthcare manufacturer and distributor with a primary focus on eyecare. The Eye Doctor is our most prominent brand which can be found in all major retailers and independent opticians across the UK as well as 20+ other countries.

Founded in 2012, The Body Doctor continues its expansion and success with the latest products and technology to help people see a little clearer, live a little happier and prioritise their health.

We’re previous winners of the Queen’s Award for Innovation and Yorkshire’s fastest growing SME business.

What’s your role there – and how would you describe your job to an alien?

I am the Sales & Marketing Director. I basically oversee, strategise and implement the relevant processes in place to best drive the company’s sales and marketing forward. I also get involved with the day-to-day activities as well as provide support to my great teams.

How long have you worked in this sector?

Since 2012 when the company was incorporated. I always had a passion for marketing and, of course, creating products that actually help people day to day.

What skills make someone a good Sales & Marketing Director?

Communication, I would say, is key to being successful in this type of role. The ability to adapt and stay calm under pressure are also great attributes. I feel customers, patients and team members are looking for relatable people who they trust and can rely on.

What’s your advice for people looking to get into your industry?

Do it! Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. With an ageing population, the need for more innovative products to help people in day to day activities is essential.

We have obvious problems with the NHS which is going to create future issues. The ability to produce affordable and effective treatments which patients can purchase over the counter will continue to grow and be appreciated by the public.

If you could describe your job in only three words, which would you choose?

Stimulating, rewarding, addictive.

What do you most love about it?

Seeing the patient results. Having a customer who has struggled with eye issues in the past who have fast run out of hope, utilising our products, and seeing instant benefits and giving the patient a feeling of rejoice. No better feeling for me.

If someone is reading this and thinks, I’d love to work with The Body Doctor, what should they do?

Reach out! We regularly have openings for dynamic individuals. If you’re passionate about doing your best work, working on products that matter and having fun along the way, we’d love to meet you!

We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative, dedicated and passionate people to join our team! Feel free to email us with your CV so we can review and match to any vacancies within the business.

Check out our LinkedIn profile or website: www.the-body-doctor.com

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