Kirkburton’s Sri Lankan all-rounder Roscoe Thattil is the Huddersfield Cricket League’s Overseas Player of the Season for 2021.

Thattil, 29, has produced some fabulous performances including 163 not out against Broad Oak in July, the season’s biggest individual innings.

On receiving the award, Thattil said: “I am very proud to receive the award. There are some great players in this league so to claim this award is fantastic.”

Thattil has been a consistent performer this year scoring over 1,000 runs. Before the final round of matches he had racked up five fifties and three hundreds in a hugely successful campaign, becoming a key contributor to Kirkburton’s top half Premiership position.

A spin bowler, he had taken 19 wickets before the final day at an average of 19.89 with an economy rate of just over four runs per over.

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Once the season has finished Thattil will be heading back to his homeland to take part in the top division there. However he may have to wait longer than usual for his return to Sri Lanka as the country is facing a Covid-19/economic crisis.

The Sri Lankan rupee has fallen by 7.5% against the US dollar this year. The country has seen food prices rise for goods such as sugar and milk. 

“The situation over there is very bad,” he said. “The country is in lockdown and so I’m waiting a few more weeks to go back. I am worried for my friends and family. Hopefully our country can get back on its feet soon.”

Roscoe Thattil playing for Kirkburton

Thattil first came to Britain in 2013, playing cricket down south. He next returned in 2019 to play for Kirkburton in the Huddersfield Cricket League, when he also won the overseas award.

When asked how he has found England, Thattil said: “The first thing to say is that it’s cold! Even on a warm day here when everyone tells me it’s too hot, I’m still cold. I love playing in England though. The game is very different so it’s challenging.” 

Finally what is clear is that both in 2019 and this season Thattil has enjoyed playing for Kirkburton and he’s already had discussions about returning next season. 

He said: “I love playing for Kirkburton, all the lads are great and I like living in the area, everyone is so nice. Obviously in 2020 I stayed in Sri Lanka because of travel restrictions due to Covid-19. However I couldn’t wait to get going this season when I could return. 

“We are in discussions about me returning next season. I’d like to come back here if it’s possible.”

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