Ruth Buckle experienced the trauma of losing her mum aged just 18.

It could have impacted on her prospects for the future. It didn’t. Instead she became a warrior.

Fartown-born Ruth, 30, lost mum Angela while she was still a student at Huddersfield New College.

Angela had it tough as her own mum died many years previously. She suffered deeply and was never able to move beyond her grief. Angela was just 39 when she died.

“It was like watching a bright light slowly dim down until there was nothing there,” recalled Ruth.

“I’ve come to terms with what happened and it has motivated me to keep on going. I know what can happen when you give up on life.”

Ruth’s future could have crumbled but she found strength in adversity. She could have withdrawn into herself but instead she finished her Business Studies course and went on to graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2013 with a BA Hons degree in Education Studies.

“I knocked down the barrier,” she says simply.

Now Ruth wants to help inspire others through a project run by her not-for-profit company, Bizzy Chills Socials.

Describing herself as a “free spirit, a caring soul and a fun-loving lady”, Ruth had jobs in education, business development and hospitality in West Yorkshire, London and Europe.

Having worked in London for five years, the novelty of the hustle and bustle began to wear thin.

Ruth started looking deep into herself for inspiration on what changes she wanted to make in her life.

“My social life was great, I was dating and I was enjoying the city but my career was making me sad,” she said. “I wasn’t being me.”

Ruth started to investigate mindfulness and self-awareness techniques. Self-employment seemed the way forward.

“I’m quite free-spirited and crave culture and adventure,” said Ruth. “Working in recruitment at the time, I realised a desk job wasn’t for me.”

With a background in teaching, Ruth made the leap and started offering one-to-one mentoring sessions, mindfulness coaching, goal-setting – even arts and crafts as a diversion and a therapy. 

She then took some time out and went back-packing in Thailand where her life changed forever.

“I took several life-changing risks,” said Ruth. “I took part in activities that challenged me mentally to make me stronger.

“In London I met so many go-getters and people who inspired me to become a boss. But in Thailand I realised there were so many soul searchers who just wanted to understand peace and alignment.

“That combination and my past has made me a true warrior.” 

Ruth, who grew up in Almondbury, launched Bizzy Chills Socials as a community interest company (CIC) in 2019. She co-ordinates and delivers bespoke projects to promote social inclusion, enhance well-being and boost personal development.

Ruth delivers bespoke mindful art workshops online to those who are socially excluded. These include elderly, student study groups, corporate business well-being socials and a bereavement support project called The BQWAM Project, which stands for Bizzy Queen Without a Mum. Sessions are held over Zoom for locals in the community.

Ruth was able to reach out to Huddersfield New College and is working with a small group of students who, like her, have lost their mums.

She’s helping them develop coping strategies and motivates them through activities such as mindful art, interactive games and goal-setting.“ 

“Since 2013 I have had experience of working and inspiring young people, but to do it through my own company and through my experiences is amazing,” said Ruth.

“I do think the help available to young people has come a long way in the last 10 years but it really makes a difference to them to talk to someone who knows first hand what a specific experience is like.”

Ruth had a rollercoaster 2020 and her life is about to take what she describes as an “empowering turn” but she’s excited about the challenges ahead.

“Life is to be lived,” she said. “And whatever you are going through having a bad day doesn’t mean you are having a bad life.

“You have to embrace life. Everything we go through makes us the people we are.”

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