A Christmas card workshop was set up at a Huddersfield care home after staff and residents dressed as Santa’s little helpers for the day.

Those at Aden Court Care Home in Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen, dressed as elves, donned Santa hats and reindeer antlers as part of the Alzheimer’s Society’s Elf Day.

Aimed at raising awareness and funds for people affected by dementia and their families, the event also encourages participants to “dress up, unleash your inner elf and spread some festive cheer.”

Residents Dorothy Hinchliffe, Gordon Cottrill, Shirley Blundell and Maude Thornton all made Christmas cards for their loved ones on the day.

Maude’s was for her three children, Dorothy’s for her daughter, Gordon’s for his daughter, and Shirley’s card went to the home’s care assistant, Sharon Broadbent.

The residents also had a go creating their own elf names, using the first letter of their first name and their favourite colour to choose a combination of festive-sounding fore and surnames.

Sharon said: “Many of the elf names generated were very amusing and put a smile on everybody’s face. Dorothy’s elf name was Tilly Hollyberry and Maude’s was Josie Brightbuttons.

“The residents loved getting involved in arts and crafts and being an elf for the day. They all said they enjoyed making the Christmas cards for their loved ones the most.

“We are always keen to do anything we can to raise awareness and funds for those affected by dementia, so the Alzheimer’s Society’s Elf Day was definitely something we wanted to take part in. It was a lot of fun and for a good cause.”