When Hive Community Café in Huddersfield town centre was let down at the last minute by an electrician, Hive founder Gabby Hurt contacted the One Community Foundation for help.

With plans to open the café in John William Street in jeopardy, Gabby needed help.

“We were in a desperate situation where funds were practically depleted,” said Gabby. “There was a real danger that we wouldn’t be able to get the café up and running at all.

“I contacted Jason Taylor at One Community who connects skilled volunteers to non-profit organisations across Kirklees and he immediately put me in touch with the founder of DG Scott Electrical – Daniel Scott.”

Daniel said: “Jason had already contacted me to see if I would like to help with a project in the community.

“I’m a big believer in giving something back to the local area and was happy to offer our services when the right opportunity came along.

“When Jason then spoke to me about the situation at Hive Community Café, I was delighted to help. Having now revisited the café, I am astounded at what has been achieved!”

Mayor of Kirklees Clr Nigel Patrick with (from left to right) mayoress Judith Patrick, Peggy McNulty and Gabby Hurt of The Hive Cafe

Gabby added: “DG Scott initially offered to help for a couple of days but as the work began, more support was needed to get things up and running. In the end DG Scott has supported us with around 90 hours of work to make the café compliant which we can’t thank them enough for.

“With their help, the café is fully up and running with 10 volunteers who come from a wide range of backgrounds.

“We now run several events – supporting multiple charities and community groups, social evenings and we are a safe place for the LGBTQ+ community.

“We can’t thank DG Scott enough and would also like to thank Jamie Dutton at Honeycombe Design and Build for their support too.”

Jason said: “It’s a real pleasure to be able to put the two organisations together and see how the support from DG Scott has made such a huge impact, not only on the initial opening of the café but how this now continues to grow into an important part of the town and community.”

For more information on how One Community can put your organisation in touch with community groups that need your support please contact jason@one-community.org.uk

For more information on Hive Community go to https://www.hivecommunity.org.uk/

To find out more about DG Scott Electrical Contractors and their range of services visit https://dg-scott.com