Huddersfield-based support group Parent Sanctuary CIC has been selected as a finalist for the category ‘Non-Profit Business of the Year’ in the Club Hub Awards 2023.

Parent Sanctuary is a Kirklees-wide Community Interest Company set up to help combat the isolation parents of young children faced during lockdowns during 2020 and 2021.

The founders and directors are: Rachel Devereux, Elizabeth Backhouse and Charlotte Skayee.

The Club Hub Awards are the only national awards for activity providers with entry by application form only, no voting.

The awards are independently judged by a panel of expert judges, who shortlisted the finalists and will select the winners for each of the individual award categories.

The judges will select winners based on their commitment to excellence, innovation and growth of their business, demonstrated through their business performance, achievements, brand values and passion for what they do.

The Club Hub Awards are offered across 16 categories. Ninety-three finalists have been shortlisted from 420 applications, representing 215 Club Hub member businesses.

Driven by the passion, experience, expertise and motivation of the directors, Parent Sanctuary has grown from offering two walks a week to now providing a wide range of weekly events including walks, buggy running, baby carrier and baby sling support and an indoor nature based sensory and support group.

During each of the weekly sessions, parents have the opportunity for peer support and a chance to build their confidence, find calming techniques for themselves and their babies and have more joy in early parenthood.

Parent Sanctuary has supported around 300 families in person, and many more online, in their parenting journey.

This has been possible thanks to substantial funding from Locala (and the Government ‘Starting Well Fund’) Arnold Clarke, The National Lottery, alongside private donations, and fee-paying services.

For more information see their website HERE or find them on social media.

The winners will be announced at the Club Hub Event 2023 at Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham, on May 13.