Huddersfield-based construction firm Big Red Industries Group is to build a £12.5 million apartments complex in Manchester.

As part of the Manchester Piccadilly Strategic Regeneration Framework, the project will see 13 one-bedroom and 28 two-bedroom apartments in a seven-storey building, developed as a joint venture between Big Red Industries Group and Urbano Property.

Big Red is both the developer and main contractor on the scheme planned for a former car park in Ducie Street.

Big Red managing director Mike Lomas said: “Those who know Big Red and how we work will know how much we enjoy being part of regeneration projects like this. Seeing the positive impact builds like this can have on areas is a huge perk of the job!

“Ducie Street, and the wider Piccadilly area, is in the midst of a huge transformation, and we’re so excited to be part of it. Manchester is constantly growing and somewhere we’re increasing our focus on for 2022 and beyond, so we love heading over the Pennines to be involved in these projects.”

Dan Clarke, business sector director, said: “This is a really exciting scheme in Big Red’s pipeline, and I’m delighted to be leading the work. We have a strong team on site ready for any challenges that may arise.”

Planning permission was granted in 2019 and the project has been designed by Tim Groom Architects. The build is expected to take 68 weeks.

Based on St Thomas’ Road, Huddersfield, Big Red completed building work on Huddersfield’s former town centre Co-op building, now known as Renaissance Works.

Big Red recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in which it has seen year-on-year growth with a 2020-21 turnover increase of 400%.