Who doesn’t love to see pictures of cute dogs on their social media feed? But sometimes the advice offered by influencers on platforms such as Instagram may not be everything it seems.

Laura Lambert, who runs a natural dog treats and healthy pet food business in Slaithwaite, has warned owners not to take everything they see and read at face value.

Laura, of Dragonfly Products, said the influencers – known as ‘pupfluencers’ – made a great deal of money from the number of followers they have on social media and had a responsibility to give accurate advice.

She said: “Who doesn’t want a daily dose of cute dogs on their social media feed? If you’re feeling low or just need a smile, adorable pups are definitely going to cheer you up!

“While we love all things dogs, we must also share the importance of why sharing accurate information on these social accounts is vital.

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“Many pupfluencing accounts promote items such as dog food, dog toys and supplements which are not healthy for the animals or advise on areas of dog health in which they are not qualified or experienced.

“It’s important for these popular accounts to share accurate and honest information with their followers and anyone visiting their page for advice.

“Ultimately, petfluencers are a huge market and dogs and their owners make a small fortune by posting their feel-good content across social media.

“We just urge owners to be responsible with their posting and fact-check the content they’re putting out to their audience.”

For more information on pupfluencing go to https://www.dragonflyproducts.co.uk/Dog-Help-and-Advice/Dog-health-advice/top-ten-pupfluencers-to-follow-now