Huddersfield Town Women FC chairman David Mallin says the whole club is disappointed that the first team has been denied silverware with the FA’s decision to curtail the league season. 

The team is six points clear at the top of the Northern Premier Division table but that counts for nothing now.

Mallin said: “We are obviously all very disappointed at the decision. However you have to think about the times we are in. It’s disappointing and frustrating for the girls. I think they would have liked to have ended the season and win a trophy and be named champions.” 

Curtailment blow for Huddersfield Town Women FC

Moving forward the FA have said that clubs will be able to arrange fixtures in place of league games. 

Mallin added: “I think the FA might look to help set up a tournament for local sides including us so we can at least play some football.” 

The curtailment of the season also gives the FA chance to restructure its league system. This means more teams could be added into the Town Women’s league. 

Mallin expects another team to be added to his club’s division and said: “It’s now all about when next season starts in August. By reading their statement it looks like an extra team could be added to our league. That would make it a 13-team division instead of 12. 

Huddersfield Town Women staying stronger together

Huddersfield Hub reported last month that the club would not be applying for promotion as it would have cost them £250,000. That would pay for wages for the players, the appointment of a general manager and stadium improvements plus much more.

Mallin said: “We made the decision about not applying for a licence for promotion and that call has been justified because we could see this coming from two months ago. You could see it was just going to end like last season. 

“I know some clubs did apply for promotion. They will have worked hard to get all the sponsorship together and now, because there is no promotion, it’s all wasted.”