A man who vandalised Almondbury’s historic police box and painted seven postboxes has escaped with a caution.

Police said the Huddersfield man, who has not been named, was arrested and interviewed.

As a first time offender the man was given a criminal caution for criminal damage. He was said to be responsible for damage to the police box in Northgate and seven postboxes.

Over several weeks postboxes were painted around Huddersfield.

At first people saw the funny side and dismissed what happened as a prank. Someone calling themselves the Green Pimpernel claimed responsibility.

Over the next few weeks more postboxes in Almondbury, Lepton and Marsh were painted various colours including green, yellow, turquoise and white. Copycats may have been at work too.

The Pimpernel claimed to be targeting ‘scruffy’ postboxes that needed repainting but when the listed police box was daubed in yellow paint, locals said the prankster had gone too far.

Huddersfield Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out an investigation and it is believed Almondbury’s new CCTV helped track down the culprit. A Huddersfield man was arrested for criminal damage offences on June 7.

Insp Graham Dyson, of the Huddersfield NPT, said: “The police box in Almondbury is a listed building and we know the damage caused to it and postboxes has created a lot of conversation in the local community.

“A man who was arrested has been given a criminal caution for damage to the police box and seven postboxes as a first time offender.

“He will be required to further liaise with the police in the weeks ahead as part of the conditions of his caution.”

The police box was repainted by West Yorkshire Police ahead of the jubilee bank holiday.