Former Huddersfield gymnast and pub landlord Brian Hayhurst and his wife Elaine are ex-pats who have lived just outside Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol for 20 years. Here’s Brian’s latest thoughts from sunny Spain!

The media is awash with speculation that with the traffic light arrangement in the UK will soon bring Brit tourists back to sunny Spain.

But confusion still exists at some airports as to exactly who is allowed to return to Spain. I’ll bet the Spanish tourist boards are closely looking at Malta who has said they will offer to negative tested Brits 200 euros towards their Maltese holiday.

One thing is certain, the 90 day rule for those desperate to come back eventually and view their cherished properties are filled with anger and anguish.

So many bought apartments and houses here hoping to spend more than three months per year, escaping the winter months and enjoy the 300 plus days of sunshine each year. They can come as holidaymakers we assume after May 17? It is no surprise that holiday bookings in Britain are up 85%….so far.

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Once things ‘return to normal’ here and tourists flood in, a popular magnet in the region is the ‘jet setters’ paradise’ – Puerto Banus.

This once barren stretch of land, 5km south of Marbella, quickly became one of Spain’s most visited towns by literally millions each year, once converted into a millionaires’ playground by Jose Banus in 1970.

This brainchild of the former property developer quickly became the place to be with its upmarket restaurants and expensive shops selling all the latest designer bags and shoes. No ‘looky, looky’ men allowed near!

The impressive marina for over 900 of the biggest private boats on the planet, accommodates  people like the King of Saudi Arabia.

The lavish grand opening included guests such as the Aga Khan, Hugh Hefner, Christian Bernard, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.  And a young Julio Iglesias was paid and extortionate 125,000 pesetas to entertain, whilst 300 staff served 20 kilos of beluga caviar to the 1,700 glitterati.

Elaine and I began visiting the hot spot occasionally in the mid 80s whilst on holiday, and stayed sometimes until 4am!

Enjoying the vibrant lifestyle and the many bands performing including Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, then move to the Navy Bar to see the Mel Williams band. It was in the port we met up with Ray and Steve Wilson, with Paul Holmes who performed as ‘Guaranteed Pure’, a band we had performing at The Angel, Huddersfield, for over five years.

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The Spanish DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) have stepped in to clarify the rules regarding the wearing of masks in cars, after rumours circulating that not doing so could result in fines.

They say it is not an offence and no fines will be given and points added on licences. However, it is mandatory to wear masks on public transport and in taxis.

Spain’s version of furlough (ERTE) paid to over three million beleaguered workers is to continue after May 31. But we have spoken to several disgruntled people in the hospitality industry who have expressed dismay that they will have to pay back to the government a large proportion of their payments. We will try to establish just how much and time span for the repayments.

Until next time…