A Huddersfield brewery has made a special beer to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Mallinsons Brewing Company in Lockwood teamed up with pub company Beerhouses which owns Huddersfield real ale pubs The Sportsman and The County to make the beer called All The Women.

Four of Beerhouses’ six venues are managed or co-managed by women which sparked the idea for the celebration for International Women’s Day which is today (Friday, March 8).

Amber Duffee and Anais Fisher from The County and Laura White from The Sportsman joined Tara Mallinson and Elaine Yendall, directors at Mallinsons Brewing, to come up with something special.

They devised the recipe between them and chose a combination of hops which are Motueka (for bittering), Nectaron (intense tropical pineapple, passion fruit, and stone fruit characters) and Centennial (dry hopped at the end).

The result was a hoppy pale ale with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 3.9% and All The Women is available at all Beerhouses pub until stocks run out.

Amber, who manages The County, said: “We had a fantastic day at Mallinsons and learned so much from their awesome brewers, Tara and Elaine. We especially loved picking out the hops and, I can’t deny, some of the Nectaron may have made their way back to my fridge.”

Beerhouses is supporting Women On Tap CIC,  a social enterprise set up in Harrogate whose aim is to ensure that all women feel welcome, are safe and have equal opportunities in beer.

Established in 2017, Women On Tap has organised seven festivals, more than 100 events and multiple campaigns.

Beer is male dominated at face value but there are many women brewers and female-owned breweries out there that Beerhouses supports, such as Liverpool-based Neptune and Ashover from Chesterfield. Their beers appear on Beerhouses’ bars on a monthly basis.

According to Beerhouses, throughout history women have always been involved in brewing, especially at the beginning with tales of Goddesses being worshipped for beer.

Ninkasi was a goddess of beer and drinking in 8000BC for Sumerians. In Celtic lore there is a goddess called Dea Latis. When it came to the origins of brewing it was known as a woman’s task and considered a household art. However, from the 18th century it become male dominated as it was escalated to a commercial endeavour.

Written by ANDY HIRST who runs his own Yorkshire freelance journalism agency AH! PR (https://ah-pr.com/) specialising in press releases, blogging, website content and copywriting.