Councillors are set to press ahead with plans for a £75 million road scheme which will turn a narrow residential street into a key access route.

The A62 to Cooper Bridge Corridor Improvement Scheme is aimed at easing congestion, cutting journey times and creating new jobs.

It is also said to be necessary as there are plans to build 1,460 new homes in Bradley by 2031.

The scheme includes building a new Cooper Bridge roundabout and widening parts of the A62 Leeds Road at Bradley. Some 35 separate plots of land will have to be purchased by the council.

Plans will ban a right turn into Bradley Road from the direction of Cooper Bridge at the Bradley traffic lights, and also the tight left turn from Leeds Road in the opposite direction.

Controversially Oak Road, a short residential street between Leeds Road and Bradley Road, will become one-way.

Residents were angry that more traffic was being forced onto their road, particularly heavy vehicles.

Following a six-week consultation this summer Kirklees Council has offered some minor concessions to residents but Oak Road remains a key part of the proposed scheme.

Councillors on the council’s ruling Cabinet on Tuesday will be asked to give the go-ahead for detailed plans to be drawn up.

In the consultation one resident warned about the impact on Oak Road and said: “Currently there are two lanes of queueing traffic to turn up Bradley Road and, at busy periods, they are regularly both full.

“To funnel all that traffic along a small road sandwiched between a residential street (with no off-street parking for residents) and a children’s playground is madness.

“My husband is a lorry driver and feels that manoeuvring an articulated lorry on Oak Road due to visibility and space will be dangerous for drivers and residents especially in peak traffic.

“Parking is already at a premium and sometimes we have to park streets away and walk back to our houses. I work shifts and sometimes this means late at night I’m walking home alone as I have no option.”

In response the council said: “Whilst banning the right turn onto Bradley Road will result in increased traffic on Oak Road, traffic is also expected to reassign across the wider network, meaning not all existing traffic is forecast to divert on to Oak Road.”

Oak Road

Highways chiefs say residents’ parking bays will be created and have also offered other changes to placate residents. These are:

• A 20mph speed limit on Oak Road;

• Traffic calming features on Oak Road;

• A 7.5 tonne weight limit on Oak Road.

A report to Cabinet reveals that the scheme is currently valued at £75.1m but that only £69.3m is available from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, leaving a £5.8m shortfall.

The council report doesn’t see that as a problem at this stage and says: “It should be noted the scheme is in an early stage of development and there are opportunities to reduce these costs. The project team will consider potential value engineering opportunities as the design develops.

“It should also be noted there is potential to secure developer funding contributions from Bradley Park and other A62 developments, although, it is unlikely these will fulfil the whole shortfall required.

“Additionally, it is likely the developer contributions will not be received in advance of scheme construction and will therefore have to be underwritten by the council and reclaimed.”

Cabinet will be asked to agree the scheme in principle and for the council to seek a grant of £10m from the Combined Authority to draw up an Outline Business Case.

It is expected the business case will be submitted in November. Subject to planning permission work could start in 2024 and be completed in 2026.