The Kirklees Climate Commission is asking all Kirklees candidates in the General Election to tell voters what they will do to promote inclusive action on climate change.

The Commission is sending them four questions covering energy efficient homes, transport, the natural environment and renewable energy.

Candidates in the four constituencies – Huddersfield, Colne Valley, Dewsbury & Batley and Spen Valley – will also be asked to explain their personal views and priorities on climate change.

Kirklees Climate Commission (KCC) plans to publish the candidates’ responses as part of an online hustings event.

In March 2022, a Kirklees Climate Commission report identified what Kirklees area can do to reach net-zero carbon emissions – that is, for the Kirklees area to produce no more greenhouse gases than the levels absorbed by local green spaces. The report identified reducing fossil fuel energy use in buildings and transport as priorities.

Prof Peter Roberts, chair of KCC, said: “Tackling Climate Change at a local level is an essential task both for the long-term future of Kirklees and as a contribution to national and global efforts to limit and mitigate climate change.

“This General Election is probably the last occasion that allows voters to think beyond the immediate future and consider the harm that climate change will do to the lives of their children and grandchildren.

“Action now is essential to avert catastrophic consequences and to get Kirklees and the UK back on track to achieve net-zero.”

Kiran Bali, Kirklees climate commissioner and interfaith leader, said: “We call upon our elected representatives to take urgent action to combat climate change through courage and integrity.

“Our planet is at a tipping point and the time for empty promises and half-hearted measures is over.

“We expect our leaders to prioritise sustainability, invest in renewable energy, protect natural habitats and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“This must include the setting of measurable targets for renewable energy adoption, carbon pricing and promoting sustainable practices across sectors.

“Failure to act decisively will have irreversible consequences for future generations.”

KCC is an independent advocate for climate action dedicated to fostering fair, innovative and effective responses to climate change in the Kirklees district.

Image by: Huddersfield Hub photographer SEAN DOYLE