Into the Spotlight, sponsored by Huddersfield-based Scriba PR, is a weekly business feature which highlights lesser-known businesses that generally go under the radar. Here we highlight Marsden-based brewing underdog, Zapato.

Boasting its very own tap room, beer garden and bottle shop at HQ in Marsden – along with a wealth of exclusive beer experiences – Zapato has been complimenting the community’s flourishing craft ale scene since its transition to the area in 2017.

Originally operating in Leeds, Zapato previously utilised other brewers’ premises to produce its range, working with the likes of Northern Monk in Marshalls Mill, Holbeck.

Having worked in various roles throughout his first 10 years in the industry – including running the venerable North Bar in Leeds and latterly heading operations for the same company – company instigator, Matt Gorecki, sought the challenge of becoming independent in 2015.

The preliminary roles of head of beer for Indy Man Beer Con and Leeds Beer Week, along with numerous other consultancy roles, laid the groundwork for Matt to scale Zapato to its own premises at Holme Mills in Marsden.

Speaking on the relocation, Matt said “A tap room is essential to the modern brewery – we needed a change so that we could sell our beer on site, as well as produce it.

“The location is also great for us because it’s situated between Leeds and Manchester and has a community that’s really engaged and growing. It’s such a beautiful spot.”

It’s not just locals that can benefit from Zapato, however, with a stockists list surpassing 70 UK premises and an option to deliver both nationally and internationally, anyone can take advantage of the Zottleshop’s inventory of in-house goods, Zapato’s favourite external brews, and even the produce of neighbouring speciality wholesale coffee roaster, Dark Woods.

Zapato’s own produce has even been known to be infused with wild yeast and locally foraged fruit, closely tying the place to the products.

The Huddersfield-based brewery also offers its own merchandise line of t-shirts, tote bags, and glassware – as well as an exclusive ‘members club’ – further highlighting the brand’s commitment to the depth of beer culture. 

Ranging from weekly to monthly deliveries of carefully curated goods, the members’ club encourages customers to explore a wider selection of new and exclusive Zapato brews at an interval that suits them.

Members have recently enjoyed Belgian saisons, porters and sours from The Kernel and Pastore, a range of crisp German lagers, IPAs and pales from Deya and Verdant and US imports from Thin Man, Grimm and Equilibrium.

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Zapato is also currently running Zapasana Yoga and Beer with Jan Lark, a 60-minute chilled Hatha class followed by a social tipple, which provides a small snapshot of the rich experiences offered by the brewery.

Ethical as well as creative, Zapato is openly committed to paying all of its staff a living wage – developing an equal footing for all colleagues and freely encouraging compliance from other employers – and exercise its support for the local economy by offering free delivery on all orders within a 5-mile radius, as well as assistance with local initiatives.

Discover more about Zapato and see what they currently have to offer at