By Leah Dorotiak (Лія Доротяк), Social Media Manager at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

Huddersfield’s Ukrainian community is ready to paint the town blue and yellow – if they beat England in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 tonight.

With the big game looming, attention in England is turning not only to the Ukrainian team in Rome but also to Ukrainians on home turf in Huddersfield.

The increased interest in our community’s culture is brilliant to witness, with all the colour, noise and vibrancy the Ukrainian culture brings to football.

Huddersfield Ukrainian Club in Edgerton is awash with blue and yellow colours as well as traditional embroidery as members decorate the main hall with bunting, balloons, banners and flags ahead of the big game.

Flags and balloons at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

And all this activity has attracted the attention of TV channels including ITV Calendar and ITN national news, who have each run features on our community’s preparations.

Despite the decorations leaning towards Ukraine, many members in their second, third or even fourth generations have conflicted loyalties ahead of the game. But all the community are in good spirits and whichever team comes out victorious, the Ukrainian community in Huddersfield will still be celebrating.

Traditional celebrations:

Food and drink: Just like in other cultures, you will be sure to find plenty of drinks and snacks floating around the bar!

Ukrainians across the globe will be enjoying Salo (pork fat) and Kovbasa (Ukrainian sausage) which are almost always accompanied by traditional rye bread. At Huddersfield, the Ukrainian beer Оболонь (Obolon) is popular!

After the match, Ukrainians indulge in one of our national dishes – Varenyky. This dish consists of dumplings stuffed with potato and cheese, topped with fried onions and soured cream.

Huddersfield’s Ukrainian community have been in demand from TV channels

Football Chants:

You’ll certainly hear the Ukrainian football chants in the stadium in Rome – and in Huddersfield.

Some of the most common are “Слава Україні” (Glory to Ukraine), УК-РА-ЇН-А (Ukraine) and “Viva! Україна!” (Viva Ukraine).

The chairman of Huddersfield Ukrainian Club John Kybaluk said: “It is absolutely fantastic to see Ukraine in the quarter-finals. After over 12 months in lockdown it’s brilliant to have an event which brings our community together, whether they are supporting England or Ukraine. May the best team win!”

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Huddersfield Ukrainian Club will be showing the match live, open to members only. Covid rules and restrictions will apply.