The latest minutes are out from the Huddersfield Town Supporters ATT panel. The Terriers’ new owner Kevin Nagle attended the meeting and confirmed there are no debts outstanding following his takeover and only one possible payment remains to previous owner Dean Hoyle – if the club gets promoted to the Premier League. 

Nagle also talked about the stadium and ambitions for the club going forward. Including increasing revenue streams in both the commercial departments and around the stadium generally. 

The meeting took place on June 26 and in attendance was Andy Booth (supporter services), Ann Hough (operations director), Robyn Kennerdale (supporter services), Kevin Nagle (chairman), Rachel Taylor (supporter services), David Threlfall-Sykes (director) and Jonathan Wilkinson (marketing). Supporters were represented by HTSA, Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters’ Club, the Cowshed Loyal and others. 

Topics included: the new ownership structure, the future of the John Smith’s Stadium; the relationship between the men’s and women’s clubs; club branding; disabled car parking; and vaping inside the stadium. 

The discussion started with HTSA asking how the deal to transfer ownership from Dean Hoyle to Kevin Nagle was structured, and whether it had left the club with historic debts or burdened it with new ones.

In response Nagle replied that the only outstanding debt on the club’s balance sheet is a conditional payment to Dean Hoyle if the club is promoted to the Premier League. He further stated that fans should feel confident in his ability to fund the club over the long-term. 

He also stated that he does not intend to dilute his 100% shareholding in the immediate future by bringing in other investors. 

When asked what his ambitions are for the club Nagle replied that he aims to create a successful and sustainable club that recognises and builds on historic accomplishments.

This can be achieved, he said, by consistently and purposefully investing in core infrastructure over a long period (ie the academy, stadium, Canalside etc). In the short-term, he said the club is determined to improve the catering and service on matchdays, as well as commercial and retail offerings. 

HTSA went on to ask whether Canalside was included as part of the takeover deal. David Threlfall-Sykes explained that Huddersfield Town Association Football Club Limited is the controlling party of Huddersfield Canalside Limited through the newly formed Town FC, LLC which was created by Kevin Nagle. 

When asked by a panel member about improving the squad through financial means, Nagle replied and reassured the panel that he wants the club to be a competitive force in the Championship.

Nagle pointed out that the club acted quickly and decisively to secure Neil Warnock as manager for another season, first to build on the momentum of the past few months, and second, to ensure a smooth transition between owners. He elaborated that, first and foremost, he wants to win, but the club must balance its various responsibilities. 

The benefit of this, he explained, is that if results do not go the club’s way over a short period, high standards are still maintained off the pitch. 

Kevin Nagle

Regarding the stadium ownership situation HTSA asked whether the club intends to assume operational control of a long-term lease on the stadium, as discussed at the Kirklees Council meeting on December 21 2022. 

Nagle confirmed the club’s 40% shareholding in the Kirklees Stadium is now owned by Huddersfield Town through Town FC, LLC. He said that his long-term aim is for the club to own 100% of the stadium and for it to be run as both a club and community asset. 

To this end, discussions with the council and Huddersfield Giants are ongoing. Nagle disclosed that the club has retained the services of David Baldwin as a strategic advisor, with stadium negotiations falling under his remit. 

In addition, he said he wants more activity at the stadium on match days and during the week. He added that the club is focused on improving the matchday experience to give fans more of an incentive to spend time and money at the stadium before and after matches. More broadly, the club has ambitions to work with interested parties to develop the stadium site. 

Finally a panel member asked whether the club plans to work more closely with the Huddersfield Town Women’s team under Nagle’s stewardship. 

Nagle said that he is an enthusiastic supporter of women’s football and is eager to see how the two clubs can work together.