Huddersfield Giants’ head of women and girls’ rugby James Westerby says women’s rugby league is growing and the club is building foundations for the future.

While the Giants are currently struggling to compete with the top teams, progress is being made.

Westerby said: “We have slowly improved things at the Giants and started to build a really good young group of players.

“We have use of the gym at the Laund Hill training complex and hopefully we’ll get access to the pitch once all is completed so we are all on one site.

“We want to be the best team we can be initially and then hopefully start to challenge those top teams at some point.

“It’s hard at the moment with those teams at the top having the best players but I do think eventually the league will become more competitive. That’s the hope from everyone I think in the women’s game.”

In Group One of the Betfred Women’s Super League both Leeds Rhinos and York City Valkyrie are paying their players. The Giants and others aren’t able to do that and the danger is the best talent is tempted away.

Westerby doesn’t think it should be all about money and said: “We believe we can keep our better players here by showing them how we are growing as a club.

“With the facilities we are using and by making the women’s team as professional as possible I am confident we can build a good team here going forward. Lots of our players are still teenagers and so they have a few years before getting to their prime.

“There is no relegation this year so we know we have this season to improve again. Next year there is relegation with two more teams being added to the league and so there will be even more competition.

“We need to make sure we are ahead of teams, so we aren’t going to get relegated. The plan is to improve year on year and that’s what we are working towards.

“The women’s game is growing, whether it is as quick as people want is another question, but it is growing and that is a good thing.”