The opening day fixtures in the Huddersfield Cricket League, called off due to the poor Spring weather, will be played in May, clubs have decided.

The league took the decision to cancel matches on Saturday April 15 and ask clubs whether they wanted to play them later or not at all. Clubs voted overwhelmingly in favour of staging the matches and the games will be played on Sunday May 14.

A cold and wet Spring meant groundstaff had struggled to prepare wickets with some saying they were as much as six weeks behind schedule.

Severe gales, along with torrential rain, just three days before the scheduled start rendered covers, sight screens and sheets unusable across the area.

A swift canvassing of clubs returned a quick conclusion which prompted the league’s executive committee to decide to postpone the opening Saturday’s matches pending a further decision on what to do.

Only two Premiership clubs voted to share points with the other 10 teams wanting to play. The Championship followed a similar trend with nine of the 12 clubs voting in favour of replaying.

The Conference returned eight clubs who were also in favour. A small number of clubs had not yet voted, but their choices would not affect the overall outcomes.

The fixture programme for this coming Saturday (April 22) will go ahead as planned – weather permitting, of course!