Uniform Exchange has issued a plea for the donation of warm winter coats to support vulnerable children across Kirklees as the impact of the pandemic continues to take its toll on local families.

With 15,000 children in education in Kirklees living in poverty, the equivalent of one in three households, the charity anticipates a steep rise in demand as winter bites.

Ensuring vulnerable children have access to a whole school uniform and warm coat means a child’s attendance is much more likely to improve and allows them to focus on their learning.

Kate France, project director at Uniform Exchange, said: “It’s going to be extremely cold this winter and many children in our community are not ready for it.

“The past nine years have seen Uniform Exchange collect and distribute school uniforms and coats to over 9,000 children in the local community, enabling them to go to school in the proper clothing.

Kate France

“We want to continue to support these children through these cold months by supplying them with winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves and underwear.

“Having your support in these cold winter months will help us ensure all Kirklees children have access to coats and underwear and feel happier to attend school; allowing them to be warm, feel included and more inclined to learn.

“If you can donate an old coat suitable for school, we will find a child in Kirklees who can reuse it.”

To get involved with the Winter Coat Project or to request a free coat, contact the Uniform Exchange team on 07955 724789 or email info@uniform-exchange.org

Alternatively, visit https://www.uniform-exchange.org/ to find out more about Uniform Exchange or to donate financially to support the charity.

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