Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin has launched five “regional missions” aimed at boosting progress on jobs, housing, transport, climate and crime.

Mayor Brabin, backed by the leaders of Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Calderdale councils, unveiled “The West Yorkshire Plan” – a series of long-term solutions aimed at tackling insecure work, expensive housing, unreliable public transport, the effects of climate change and crime.

These five areas – agreed in partnership with the public, private and charity sector – will be targeted for sweeping investments until 2040, as part of a wider plan to build a “brighter West Yorkshire that works for all.”

The five missions are:

  • A prosperous West Yorkshire, built on an inclusive economy with well-paid jobs;
  • A happy West Yorkshire, full of great places and healthy communities;
  • A well-connected West Yorkshire, held together by a strong transport system;
  • A sustainable West Yorkshire, rich with greener lives and communities;
  • A safe West Yorkshire, free of the fear of crime so everyone can flourish;

Mayor Brabin said: “These five missions will form the building blocks of a stronger, happier, better-connected, greener and safer West Yorkshire.

“Together, they will focus minds and allow us to transform lives across the region, as we work to deliver a brighter West Yorkshire that works for all.

“Long-term problems require long-term solutions, and here in West Yorkshire, we’re laser focused on the big issues that really matter to people. Whether that’s a lack of economic opportunity, unaffordable housing, unreliable public transport, the cost of energy or crime.

“Devolution is working for West Yorkshire. Over the past two years, we’ve delivered well-paid jobs, affordable homes, cheaper bus fares, greener communities and safer streets. But by working together, with a clear and serious plan for the future, we can deliver so much more.”

Kirklees Council leader Clr Shabir Pandor (above), who also chairs the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Business, Economy and Innovation Committee, said: “Economic growth is the backbone of our vision to build a brighter West Yorkshire that works for all.

“By growing our economy, we’ll create better and fairer jobs, putting more money in people’s pockets and providing a brighter future for our young people.

“But we can only deliver these jobs in partnership with the private sector – by creating the conditions for business to flourish upwards and investment to flow inwards. Only a serious, long-term plan for growth will inspire the confidence of business to invest.

“Our regional economy is worth over £60 billion, more than nine EU nations. Our potential is limitless, yet our productivity is slower than the national average.

“By catching up, we can make good quality work available for all, ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce.”