Sales development consultancy, SalesStar UK, has appointed a talented digital marketing executive on a full-time basis after he completed an impressive six-month placement under the Government’s Kickstarter scheme.

The Huddersfield-based firm, which is the UK headquarters of SalesStar global, has promoted Oliver Eaton to full-time digital marketing executive to head up the UK’s social media marketing strategy.

He is the second young person the firm has invested in from within the Huddersfield region, having also appointed Dylan Cowan as apprentice sales executive in early 2021.

SalesStar is a sales development consultancy which provides integrated solutions to enable business owners and senior sales leaders to achieve exceptional sales results.

As an award-winning team of experienced salespeople, businesspeople, coaches and managers, the firm is passionate about the profession of selling and raising the performance and results of sales organisations.

Oliver Eaton with the County Cup won by Huddersfield Town Women FC

Pete Evans, managing director of SalesStar UK, said: “When we first met Oliver, we were initially impressed by the experience he had acquired at a young age, and it was an easy decision to take him on under the Kickstart scheme.

“Over the past six months, he has continually impressed us with his skills and continues to take our social media channels to new levels.

“He has recently started to support our global team with their video and social content, as well as working closely with our external PR agency to maximise results. Oliver is a fantastic addition to our team and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Oliver came to SalesStar UK following a Broadcast Journalism degree at the University of Huddersfield. He was previously a content manager for Huddersfield Town Women FC, where he created the video and social content. He has continued that role on a voluntary basis.

During his placement at SalesStar UK, Oliver has created daily videos for SalesStar’s LinkedIn, as well as managed the content across all social media channels. Oliver has also taken the lead in photographing and videoing SalesStar UK’s events and recording their first podcast series.

On his appointment, Oliver said: “I can’t believe how much I have achieved during my first six months at SalesStar. I have had the opportunity to develop my skills and continue creating content on SalesStar’s behalf.

“I am honoured they want me to become a full-time member of the team and look forward to building my career at a company which really cares about my development.”

SalesStar is committed to hiring young local talent and giving them the support and expertise for them to hone their skills whilst being surrounded by industry experts.

In line with Oliver’s full-time appointment, the firm is also celebrating the first anniversary of Dylan Cowan’s appointment as its first global apprentice.

Pete added: “We know how hard it has been for young professionals to get the start they deserve. That’s exactly why we have committed to providing individuals with a chance to begin their careers with us as we continue to grow.

“I can’t shout enough about how beneficial it has been for us, as well as the pride we feel in helping the local community find employment.

“Finding Oliver through the Kickstart team was a jackpot. It was a no-brainer that we wanted him to continue his career with us on a full-time basis, and we can’t wait to see what else he achieves as he progresses through the company.”