Tang Soo Do is a classical Korean martial art based on karate – and it’s growing in popularity in the unlikely surroundings of Denby Dale and Scissett.

Liam Daly, who runs Tang Soo Do Denby Dale, is now inviting more people to get involved in this fascinating martial art, which combines elements of Shōtōkan, Subak, Taekkyon and Kung Fu.

Liam, a two-time World Champion, said: “I started training in Tang Soo Do when I was 10-years-old under Master Tang in Pudsey. 

“By training in Tang Soo Do it improved my confidence, ensured I kept my discipline and helped with my fitness amongst other things. 

“It’s also given me the opportunity to travel and represent Great Britain at two Tang Soo Do World Championships, winning at both in the heavyweight division.

“Tang Soo Do Denby Dale is an opportunity for me to pass down my knowledge so people can have the same experiences I have, or improve their confidence, discipline, fitness or just make friends. 

“I am seeing this already in the students we have in the class and I am very proud of all of them. I am also confident that they have the potential to far surpass anything I have done in the world of Tang Soo Do; which will be a proud moment for the village I’m sure.”

A class at work

Liam says that all of his current students live in and around the Denby Dale area. However, he’d now like to expand the club and get more people involved. 

He said: “Our class is open to anyone; if you have ever wanted to try martial arts and try something new we are here. Even if you have experience of martial arts but want to try a legitimate traditional martial art and want to get fitter or want to make new friends then Tang Soo Do is for you. We have students join our class of all ages and family members joining together.” 

The club has been going about a year now and Liam added: “It’s been very successful. We went from a class of a few regular students at our linked Tang Soo Do class in Stocksbridge and three brand new students, to a class of 18 and continually growing in Denby Dale. 

“We have grown so much that we had to move from the Denby Dale Methodist Church, to the new Sovereign Fitness gym in Scissett. 

“We have also had a number of students successfully upgrade to new belts; with upgrading events presided over by Master Tang (my instructor), Master Lee (the son of Grandmaster Lee who brought Tang Soo Do to the UK) and Master Williams (the second highest ranked in Yorkshire).” 

If you want to get involved with the club search Tang Soo Do Denby Dale on Facebook or call Liam Daly on 07854 676528 to find out more.