For sale: Range Rover Evoque. One (not so) careful criminal owner.

This flashy motor – displayed outside Huddersfield Police Station – will soon be auctioned off on behalf of West Yorkshire Police – with proceeds going to worthy causes across the county.

It was previously owned by a local criminal sentenced to five years in prison – with the vehicle seized through Proceeds of Crime Act legislation.

Kirklees District Crime Team put the car on show outside Huddersfield Police Station to warn people that crime doesn’t pay.

The force has also put posters on the vehicle to warn people who have a look at the gleaming motor that criminals could be exploiting children into a life of crime.

Huddersfield Police Station

Det Chief Insp Diane Johnson, of Kirklees District Police, said: “The point of this is to make people stop, look and then think – are they or their child at risk from criminal exploitation?

“Do they have an image in their head of criminals who think they are untouchable driving round in expensive cars, wearing designer clothing? Do they think: ‘That’s the life for me?’

“By displaying this car in a prominent place I hope we are helping to burst that bubble – the reality of life in a criminal group is very different – as is shown by this vehicle being confiscated and sold on.

“Through Programme Precision we work with partners to target serious and organised crime and I would urge anyone with information about illegal activity in their area to let us know so we can take action.”

If you suspect criminal activity call police on 101 or the independent crimefighting charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.