It’s amazing how mobile phones have taken over our lives. Can you imagine life without them?

Before Emley’s game against Thackley on Saturday it was mobile phones that seemed to be getting most attention in the stands.

Food and drink, of course, were important too – particularly on a chilly day – and what’s the story about the chap with the Leicester City scarf? Even those good folks next to him and hiding their faces.

On the field the Pewits are flying – Saturday’s 2-0 win against Thackley was their fourth successive victory – and Emley fans can rest a little easier and don’t need to keep checking their phones for other results.

Here’s the match report from Saturday’s game.

The attendance was 150 – are you one of the photographed few in this week’s Fan Gallery?

Gallery of images by: MARK PARSONS

Wot no mobile phone?