It’s a simple idea but it’s raised more than £2,500 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the last 12 months or so – weather permitting – Eileen Broadbent has put a fundraising stall outside her home in Marsh Gardens, Honley, to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

It started as a way to have a bit of a clear out, selling her own books, DVDs, jigsaws and other bits and bobs. But then others donated items too and the stall – with an honesty box for cash donations – became a regular sight.

During lockdown people on their daily walks helped swell the coffers and so far more than £2,500 has been raised.

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The stall was back out this weekend after a month away due to the rain and Eileen, 71, said: “It was just a small idea but it has really taken off. I now have more books than I started with and my garage is full!

“I don’t man the stall all the time and the idea is that everything is free but a donation is gratefully received. It’s also nice talking to people and explaining about the work of Yorkshire Cancer Research.

“We are only a small charity and we have a small Huddersfield committee and we want to get the message across that early diagnosis and treatment means people can live with, and beyond, cancer.”

The aim of Yorkshire Cancer Research is that every year 2,000 more people survive cancer in the region. Each year the charity funds £10 million-worth of vital cancer research.

As well as the stall, Eileen – who lost husband Allan to cancer 15 years ago – has helped sell a recipe book and face-coverings for the charity.

Around £1,500-worth of recipe books have sold along with £1,600 in face-coverings. The books – called ‘That was Delicious – a Second Helping’ – cost £7 each and are still available on the stall and online from the Yorkshire Cancer Research website.

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