Residents at Lindley Grange Bupa Care Home celebrated International Day of Happiness by sharing their reasons to be happy – and two of them also visited a children’s nursery and joined in the fun.

The day was organised by activity co-ordinator Becky Crowe following discussion with residents on how they wanted to celebrate the special day.

As a result, two residents, John Hinds, 73, and Lawrence Binns, 74, enjoyed a trip out to Nightingales Nursery. In the afternoon, residents took time to reflect on what made them happy and shared their answers with eachother.

John said: “It was wonderful to spend the morning at Nightingales Nursery. The children regularly come and visit us, so it was lovely to go and see them play with their toys. They reminded me of my grandchildren when they were little. I had a big smile on my face for the rest of the day.”

Another resident, Rosalind Townend, said: “My reasons to be happy are my lovely family, being out and about and the adorable dog that visits us regularly at Lindley Grange.

“My carers are always finding new ways to bring smiles to my face. My favourite is when Becky brings me a packet of Pom-Bear crisps.”

Activity co-ordinator Becky said: “It was a lovely day spent with our residents doing the things that bring them such joy. The morning trip with John and Lawrence to Nightingales was very heart-warming, and the gentlemen had a lovely time.

“Our residents’ well-being is incredibly important to us, so asking them what makes them happy and hearing all of the wonderful things they love about living at Lindley Grange was great.”

The staff at Lindley Grange are looking forward to more activities with Nightingales Nursery and bringing more smiles to the residents’ faces.