Shabir Pandor has announced his new-look Cabinet following his re-election as leader of Kirklees Council.

Clr Pandor has shuffled his top team to take on the challenge of transforming the Kirklees economy and improving its public services over the coming year.

Cabinet members will take important decisions individually and collectively on behalf of the council in this municipal year.

Clr Pandor said: “There’s no time to waste. My Cabinet is committed to finishing our fight with Covid-19 and transforming Kirklees for the long term.

“My Cabinet will focus on the things that really matter to people in every part of Kirklees. We have the most ambitious programme of infrastructure improvements for towns and villages that we’ve ever seen in Kirklees.

“These new Cabinet appointments reflect the scale of our ambitions and the opportunities in front of us.

“As we rebuild our economy and public services, it’s vital that we leave no one behind. The crisis has exposed the inequalities that exist in Kirklees and across the country.

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“We will only come back stronger if everyone in Kirklees, regardless of your background, has the chance to play a full part in our economy and our society.

“I know my Cabinet shares my commitment but we will work with councillors, partner organisations and local people to make sure our future is more inclusive than our past.

“We’ve learned a lot during the pandemic. Every council service has been affected. My Cabinet is committed to learning the lessons and delivering outstanding services for everyone who lives here.

Clr Will Simpson joins the Cabinet

“On our journey to excellence in children’s services, tackling climate change and building a new housing service, I know Cabinet members are up to the task on improving the quality of life for residents on these issues and many more.

“My Cabinet will work as a team to make sure Kirklees comes back stronger from the pandemic.”

Cabinet portfolios for the municipal year 2021-22 are: Cathy Scott, Deputy Leader, Housing and Democracy; Carole Pattison, Learning, Aspiration and Communities; Peter McBride, Regeneration; Viv Kendrick, Children (Statutory responsibility for Children); Naheed Mather, Environment; Will Simpson, Culture and Greener Kirklees; Musarrat Khan, Health & Social Care; Paul Davies, Corporate; and Eric Firth, Town Centres.

Clr Scott has stepped up to become deputy leader, replacing Clr McBride, and two councillors join the Cabinet.

Clr Simpson (Denby Dale) replaces experienced councillor and ward colleague Graham Turner who lost his seat at the local elections. Clr Davies switches to Clr Turner’s Corporate brief.

Dewsbury East councillor Eric Firth joins Cabinet for the first time in a newly-created role, Town Centres.