Former Huddersfield gymnast and pub landlord Brian Hayhurst and his wife Elaine are ex-pats who have lived just outside Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol for 20 years. He writes every week for Huddersfield Hub.

So, it looks like Spain will remain in the amber section, at least for the time being which is a blow for the government here which has done all it can to welcome back foreign holidaymakers.

The non-announcement will again be felt most by the hospitality sector (those who survived) who are eagerly waiting to make up for the 80% reduction experienced last year.

With announcements by PM Sanchez predicting that 75% of the population will soon be vaccinated and a steady decline in Covid infections – now at 125 in 100K people, Spain is hoping for a brighter summer with a steady trickle of sunseekers arriving just now.

And from Monday, cruise liners will be allowed into major ports in a bid to salvage the battered tourism sector, ready for the main season ahead.

Gone are the days of those much-loved one-way tickets into the EU. Now entering the Schengen area of Europe, you must have a return ticket, six months on your passport, all necessary paperwork and be out within the 90-day limit.

The healthcare system here is without doubt excellent, as most would agree. With a 112 phone call serious problem patients will be swiftly delivered to the nearest hospital and, having the official green card, they can expect full on care, including operations etc and later referred to their doctor with free medication. Queues of course to be expected, even though the pandemic has eased considerably.

If attending a clinic, patients simple enter their card in the entrance machine to receive a numbered ticket with full details of what to do next, and then wait for their number to appear on a large screen.

Alas the after care/home follow up treatment does not exist, so family members may have to be on hand to assist.

I have recently had the privilege of using freely, a nearby driving range and beautiful putting greens. Although I have never been on a golf course before, other than occasionally as a 10-year-old caddy for one shilling at Crosland Heath, Huddersfield, I was invited by a mate and mentor Stewart, to try it out and learn new skills.

He was saying that the two pristine, immaculate courses are deserted compared to the normal influx of players from around the world at this time of year.

Brian Hayhurst (right) with Stewart McCall on a deserted golf course

Elaine and I often comment on UK news coverage showing people wearing no masks compared to here where everyone, other than children, are always masked up. Spaniards await the imminent mask removal announcement. Thank goodness as the temperatures are hotting up here as we approach midsummer’s day.

Meanwhile, the high end property boom continues in and around Marbella with plenty of expensive, sassy villas being snapped up.

The transport secretariat here may have to re-think the new speed enforcements as huge traffic jams are occurring in cities with people wanting to see a return of the 50km speed limit as kilometres of cars pile up causing frustration as cyclists merrily fly past!