Family and colleagues of young mum Kirsty Perkins who died suddenly in her sleep in September have come together to mark what would have been her 30th birthday with a series of fundraising events.

30 for Kirsty was launched by the communications agency where she worked, Brighouse-based Faith, to raise money for her two-year-old son Casey through The Nick Smith Foundation which supports children who have faced the death of a parent at a young age.

Faith’s team members each took on a challenge based around the number 30 – including running three miles in under 30 minutes for 30 days; doing 30 days of yoga; completing 30 press ups, three-times a day for 30 days; and, baking 30 biscuits and buns.

They were joined by Kirsty’s husband Shaun who, along with a group of friends, cycled 30 miles along the Spen Valley Greenway on Sunday October 31. So far, over £3,000 has been raised.

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Stefanie Hopkins, managing director and founder of Faith, said: “It’s now six weeks since Kirsty died but the pain of knowing she’s no longer with us doesn’t get any easier.

“My heart breaks every time I think about her family, especially Shaun and her two-year-old son Casey who has been left without a mum at such a young age.

“She was devoted to them both and although Casey has cystic fibrosis, Kirsty was determined to ensure he had the same experiences as any other little boy. The least we can do is support those efforts in her memory and I’m proud we have been able to do that with 30 for Kirsty.”

Stephen Naylor, chairman of The Nick Smith Foundation, said: “Kirsty was my friend. I miss her every day and I am committed to ensuring her memory lives on in all of us, but especially in her little boy.

“When my brother-in-law Nick died in 2017, he had a two-year-old who was left without a parent so, tragically, we know the impact it has, not just today but for years to come.

“We are proud the Foundation in his name ensures children facing such a terrible situation receive the best possible support, and the fundraising for Kirsty will be used to ensure Casey gets that.

“At a time when you so often feel helpless, it feels like this will help so thank you to everyone who has supported Shaun and Faith team in their efforts.”