A couple passionate about Italian food and their heritage are to open a new restaurant in Lindley.

It’s called Sapori – which means ‘taste’ in Italian – and is the first restaurant venture for Huddersfield couple Antonio and Bianca Nardone which will employ around 20 full or part-time staff.

They both have an Italian heritage and have been waiting for the right building in Lindley to become available.

It now has and they have taken the old ST Shaw pharmacy on Lidget Street right back to its bare walls and will transform it into a restaurant that will specialise in pasta, meat and fish dishes.

Bianca, 39, said: “My heritage goes back to the Calabria region of southern Italy so I love the spicy dishes with the hot chillis. Antonio’s family are from Cassino which is further north which makes a great combination.

“We both love cooking and are passionate about food and wine. We know people in Huddersfield love Italian food so we are aiming to serve them something special.”

Bianca’s parents used to run an Italian restaurant in Ilkley called Greco’s On The Grove and her brother, Marco Greco, has two restaurants both called Pranzo in Ilkley and Harrogate.

Work on the new Lindley restaurant began in January and, so far, it’s going to plan and is due to open in late April or early May.

The couple live in Birkby and have a four-year-old daughter, Valeria. Antonio, 45, has always lived in Huddersfield, growing up in Salendine Nook. He is now commercial director for a construction company.

Bianca will be front-of-house, running the restaurant day-to-day.

She added: “We had looked at other areas but have been watching Lindley for a while, hoping the right property came up. Lindley is such a warm and welcoming place so we are really pleased we waited to find the right location.”

  • Written by ANDY HIRST who runs his own Yorkshire freelance journalism agency AH! PR (https://ah-pr.com/) specialising in press releases, blogging, website content and copywriting.